Perception Or Reality : Has The Purpose Of Affirmative Action Been Served?

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Perception or Reality: Has the Purpose of Affirmative Action Been Served? Introduction: Statement of Problem Perception is how one views the world around them. How people view the world determines their perception on topics that affect everyday life? The perception of affirmative action, and the underline reality on the social political scale differ depending on where and when this topic is discussed, or what articles are read on this topic. Gibelman, M (2000) in her article review Affirmative Action at the Crossroads: A Social Justice Perspective emphasizes the following; “The current socio-political environment suggests continued “chipping away” at the foundation of this public policy. It is essential that the social welfare community be an active participant in the debate about the future of anti-discrimination efforts and that it offer viable alternatives to preserve and extend efforts to fight discrimination in this country” ( p. 153). The disassembling of affirmative action is based the perceptions that people hold in today’s social and political arena. The held perceptions do not have to be true, they just have to be believed reality for the people who hold those perceptions. By reviewing the rational, analyzing data opposing and supporting affirmative action we can see that anti-affirmative action laws will cause a setback in education, and this is important to show that affirmative action is needed and should encompass more marginalized minorities.

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