Perception Process: Selection, Organization, And Interpretation

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In my very own words i would say my understanding of perception is how you see or view things around you and life in general. Selection, Organization, and Interpretation are the three most important factors the "Perception Process Cycle". It explores how we process the sensory stimuli of our current situation. Selection is a process in which we decide what stimuli we choose to process. We consider certain factors when we select stimuli to process like touching, tasting, hearing, or seeing it. After selecting the stimuli to focus on its always important to organize it. Organization is also referred to as a schema. A schema is broken down into four important factors such as prototype which is your view of the situation, yardstick which is how you personally measure or assess and individual, stereotype how you categorize or what you think of others and lastly, is common behaviors what you expect others
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Self-perception is how you view yourself. Its and important factor in our communication with others because how you feel about yourself reflects on the people you hang around. Nobody wants to hang with people that's not on their level, and some don't want to hang around people who's doing better than them. They want to hang around people they feel equal to. The four barriers to accurate perception of self and others is physiology, culture, social roles, and cognitive ability. Physiology someone mental state affects their perception of a situation. Culture in some sense you can agree that its the way you was brought up and how people around you did things, you tend to do things you see others around you doing. Social Roles are related to culture but its mostly being able to live up to something, setting goals or doing what you think people expect you to do. Cognitive Ability is basically your strong suit or what your best at
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