Perception That Can Be Damaging On The Business World

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One common flaw in perception that can be damaging in the business world is stereotyping. Stereotyping typically forms the basis for discrimination given that pre-conceived attitudes and behaviours are generated and associated with an individual or group. Albeit, an economical and effortless mechanism of the perceptual process, it categorically associates characteristics that may not be valid, and those that are influenced by selective experiences or segmented biased information presented by the media. A common, yet, overlooked area of stereotyping that frequently perpetuates into discrimination includes the attitudes and behaviours towards disabled persons in the workforce. A lot of research on workplace discrimination has focused on gender and racial discrimination. However, although many businesses are accommodating to the various needs of individuals with disabilities, research for workplace integration and employment equality for disabled persons is limited. Individual perceptions and biases towards disabled person is multidimensional and complex. Factors that contribute to these perceptions include overtness, risk to interacting parties and response of the disabled individual to the environment (Thomas).
Disabled persons are typically underrepresented in the workforce. Many are willing and capable of working, however, employers may have pre-defined concepts of their abilities and may be unwilling to provide the accommodation’s required for disabled persons to
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