Perception Toward Commit Suicide Among Utar Students

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This research is about the “Perception toward commit suicide among UTAR students”. We want to understand how the UTAR students think about suicide with carry different opinion from different races and gender. We will distribute 100 sheets of the questionnaire to UTAR students based on their races and gender. In this assignment, we will distribute 50 sheets of survey question to male students and 50 sheets for female students. In this questionnaire we also ask about UTAR student’s opinion which is “does suicide makes soreness disappear”? Most of the students answer no, because they think commit suicide cannot help them solve the problem, it just a way to deny from the problem. So they should think positively and find the solution
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Besides, we also choose to concentrate in Races which including Chinese, Malay, Indians and others. “What are the opinions of difference races towards suicide cases in Malaysia?” will be our second research question. In this question we would like to find out all the different perception from different races due to culture issue or family background issue to view on suicide cases.

Chapter 2: Method
2.1 Respondent
In this research, our population is on UTAR student’s and we will choose 100 student’s as our sample. From the 100 student’s we will divide into 2 part which are the gender and the races because we are using the stratified sampling method. The definition of stratified samping method is we will dividing the population into groups according to some characteristic (Allan,2009,p.12), for example we will distribute the questionnaire equally to the student’s which is 50 male student’s and 50 female student’s, from the gender we will divide it into difference races. We plan to distribute 50 questionnaire to Chinese student’s, 30 questionnaire to Indian student’s, 10 questionnaire to Malay student’s and other races student’s. After that from the races we will divide it into 2 part which is the gender.
2.2 Apparatus
We will use survey question to
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