Perceptions In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Every person on this Earth holds their own different perceptions, whether that is toward an event, an idea, a person or many other things. We all hold our own ideas and it is something we decide to believe in, and it is not common to be forced to believe in. Our perceptions usually developed by facts we learn or things we are told throughout life. The perceptions of life differs throughout each and every one of us. We are taught different things and our morals are different from one another. The way we look at people and how we choose to interpret their intentions are completely up to us based on previous events in our lives. Throughout O’Connor’s story, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, we see how the characters show the readers how one's perception…show more content…
She believes being a lady is one of the biggest virtues in life. Her perspective in life holds the ideas that you can find good in everyone. Throughout her life, she developed a strong relationship with God that is very apparent throughout the story. She learns that you can ask God for help in times of troubles, and ask for forgiveness when committing a sin. She believes by accepting his grace you can do wonderful things. She feels the strong spiritual feeling just before her death. Throughout the entirety of the story, she kept her self-centered attitude, starting with her decision of where the family should travel for their time off. She decides without the family’s input towards the decision. She decides this to save her from running into the Misfit, whom she read about in the daily newspaper that week. She is also seen using her belief of her religion in many situations. When the grandma came face to face with the Misfit, she attempted to use her religion as a way to escape her death, which comes to every members of the family. The Misfit does not believe the same morals she holds, so the situation is proved to be unsuccessful because of the outcome. She believes you should drop everything and follow God, and that is why we were put on the Earth. In the moment before her death, the Misfit believes she should enjoy the few minutes she has left, because she should know the outcome of the situation due to being so close to God and knowledge of fate. In the short minutes before her death, she understand the many situations where she went wrong in her life. Unlike most of her perspectives on people, the look upon the good in people changes. She clearly states that people have changed and the number of good people decreases within time drastically saying “People certainly not nice like the used to be”(O’Connor 21). She then learns a new moral
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