Perceptions Of Leaders Following Public Failures

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In Case 7 “Perceptions of Leaders Following Public Failures: A Tale of Two Coaches”, two leaders both college football coaches of their respective teams were encountered with scrutiny, as they lacked a certain level sensitivity regarding serious incidents within their program. The case study talks about both Mike Leach and Gary Barnett’s background as coaches and progress to the events with their program that lead to them being involved in the public failure. This eventually led to people having various perceptions of both coaches based off of how they dealt with the incidents. As a result of both programs image being tarnished, Mike Leach was fired, however; Gary Barnett’s job was retained. In the case of Mike Leach coach of Texas Tech University, he believes that one of his players faked a concussion, as a result of limited playing time he received on the field. After getting treated for the concussion, it was standard protocol that players with a concussion wear street clothes and sunglasses to help deal with headaches and light sensitivity. Agitated by what he feels is an attempt to undermine the coaches authority, Mike instructed the athletic trainer to have Adam James locked into a dark training shed every day while he was sitting out practice. Once word got out to reporters that this kind of treatment was present and following the parents of Adam James complaint being filed, the university president and athletic director met with coach Leach. They wanted Mike Leach
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