Perceptions Of Leadership, And Leadership Related Behaviors And Participation

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Chapter 3
The study will collect and analyze data around perceptions of leadership, and leadership related behaviors and participation. A qualitative approach is more appropriate than quantitative for for two main reasons. First, unlike quantitative research, the current study does not aim to try to confirm or disconfirm a particular hypothesis. It instead intends to explore and describe the participants’ experiences. Further, the current study does not concern itself with what makes up authentic leadership but rather the narratives provided by leaders and followers themselves.
Second, the data collected does not lend itself to numerical study or comparison—a hallmark of quantitative study. Quantitative research aims to
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In quantitative research, bias is addressed by rigid control and standardization, which can discourage the sharing of individual stories and limit or deny the inclusion external factors such as environment or context (Mishler, 1986). Conversely, the current study is directly concerned with the participants’ experiences as they are “‘lived or ‘felt’ or ‘undergone’" (Sherman & Webb, 1988, p. 7), with particular interest in individual narratives and contexts.
The data collected for the current study centers around participants’ perceptions of leadership, and leadership related behaviors and participation. Interviews are to be semi-structured. In accordance with grounded theory, these areas were subject to change as the interviews developed. As such, interviews are are to be open-ended, depending on how much information the subject is willing to share. Interviews are scheduled to be a flexible in duration, with a default plan of 60 minutes. Following the interviews, transcripts will be immediately investigated and coded to identify themes and concepts important to the study. These themes will then be compared against future interviews, in order to systematically seek disconfirming accounts or evidence, as consistent with grounded theory (Charmaz & Mitchell, 2001).
The current study is concerned with personal experience related to leadership in a retail sales based environment. The target population for the study is thus any adult
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