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Perspectives: Effects on Research and Writing Every person 's perceptions are entirely inimitable in their own way. Perception, in itself, means to interpret the world around, in one 's own way based on their personally acquired morals, values, and fears. Our minds begin to examine and interpret things using these traits. How does this all relate to research and writing? After making interpretations, a person then begins to form an opinion about the subject at hand. When writing, a topic is given and immediately the writer forms a related opinion about the topic and thus, chooses an arguable side. The next step in the process is to begin delving into researching that topic based on the side that has already been pre-disposed inside…show more content…
The writer is also quick to judge the man, an "Irish" man "fresh from a pub", and immediately assumes that he is mocking or stereotyping her solely based on her expectations she has taken from her childhood. When in fact, the man on the bus could have very well been stricken by her beauty and infatuated with the Latin culture but, Ortiz- Cofer, by design assumes the negative side of the situation. These views that she has grown up to believe affect her way of thinking, which in turn affects her writing. In an essay written by Horace Miner, "Body Rituals among the Nacrima" Miner observes a culture through an outsider 's perspective. Miner, an anthropologist, studies the behavior and cultural development of the Nacrima. His distant perspective can be seen when he describes the rituals in which the people take part in as a "…. rite [involving] a practice which strikes the uninitiated stranger as revolting." The culture he speaks of is that of the Americans and Miner strategically uses word play to disguise this, fooling the reader into believing that the essay depicts an older, less advanced culture. He uses this distance to his advantage to force the reader to perceive the world we live in differently; One that is ritualistic and practices magic in order to sustain survival. For example, Miner states, the "witch doctor has the power to exorcise the devils that lodge in the heads of people who have been bewitched" when
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