Perceptions. Through My Literature Review, Several Perspectives

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Perceptions Through my literature review, several perspectives have been examined when measuring school climate including: parents, students and teachers. These are not often looked at together, but separate indicators of a positive school climate. In many of the studies reviewed, fourth and fifth grade students completed a survey using a school climate index to determine their perception of the climate in schools. There is a relationship between school climate and student behavior at all schools, urban, suburban, and rural (Thapa, 2013). The research by Thapa highlights that school climate has a impact on student outcomes. Futhermore, the area of socio-emotional learning is addressed along with climate and success of students. This…show more content…
This study is informative for the research examination. Perception of parents, students and staff is present within climate survey administration. The organizing of prior research on school climate is by relationships, academic instruction. Other prior research associates safety perception of students to higher academic achievement (Griffith, 2000). An emphasis on perception of teacher and parents is what has typically a researching process with through school climate. This is in contrast to a prior article, whereas that states perception of families assessing does not take place while referencing school climate. This study aims to compare two dimension of school climate regarding classroom indicators and teacher characteristics. Using a framework for comparison, individual, school and classroom factors reviewed. The results include that classroom factors have a greater influence on students’ perceptions of school climate than school level factors. These findings of the study connect to other studies regarding the impact on students’ perception of climate (Koth, Bradshow, & Leaf, 2008). Teacher Perception One role of the teacher is to give judgment and assessment to a student’s academic achievement. Prior research lacks to identify if teachers judgment and bias can influence the students’ academic ability while assessing based on the instrument used in regards to standardized assessments. A study worked to determine the impact of teacher judgment across
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