Perceptions of Organisational Family Support

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The test used with regards to this construct will be an adaptation of the Survey of Perceived Organisational Support (SPOS) measure developed by Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison & Sowa (1986).
Outline of the Test Development Process
In order to create a valid measure of workplace assessment such as the perceptions of organisational family support, the following test development steps that were found in measurement development literature provided by Hinkin (1998) and the National Research Council (2004) were used through the test process.
Rationale for development of the measure The understanding of perceptions of organisational support is essential to the success of any organisation. The need to understand individual perceptions of organisational support is important as it can lead to many positive outcomes for both employee and organisation; thus this construct proves to be relevant within the work domain. This construct has proved to have many key attributes to the success of the organisation and is one which has been studied by many researchers (Rhoades & Eisenberger, 2002; McNall, Masuda, Shanock & Nicklin, 2011). However, perceptions of organisational family support is one which hasn’t been exhausted fully and can be linked to work-family enrichment. By…
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