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Perceptions of "Persistence of Memory" Although visual art is looked upon differently by all, everyone has a either a favorite piece or at least something that catches their eye. Personally, I don’t have a piece of art that I would label my absolute favorite, but during a Spanish research project found that Salvador Dali’s work really stood out. “The Persistence of Memory” painted in 1931 by Dali, a highly renowned surrealist painter, is among the most interesting works I have ever seen. Even though the painting itself is rather simple in quality at first glance, what Dali’s must have been thinking about while creating this work is strikingly complex. The painting is attractive to me because it deals with the concept of time, something…show more content…
It is reasonable, I think, to assume that most people could have created a landscape painting with mountains being reflected into a sea, and that may have been Dali’s goal when he started to paint “The Persistence of Memory.” However, there remains no doubt that Dali’s subconscious was at work here because no one else could ever imagine the exact image depicting “melting” time as seen here. The conscious part of the brain is the area that is alive and comprehends what is happening to one and the world around one. The landscape, Catalonia, Spain (Dali’s hometown), was the result of Dali’s conscious mind because he was living it and taking it in with his own two eyes. Everything stemmed from thoughts of daydreams, bad memories, and other possible goods or evils that dwell in the subconscious mind. Wikipedia explains that Sigmund Freud believed that the unconscious mind was a depository of wishes, desires, socially unacceptable ideas, traumatic memories, and/or painful emotions. Dali’s painting appears to be representative of mainly the subconscious mind because many of the elements in the painting express objects or ideas that are highly characteristic of memories, dreams, or even socially unacceptable elements. More importantly, The Museum of Modern Art explains that a year before this painting was made Dali began to undergo his “paranoiac-critical method” which stimulated

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