Essay on Perceptual Filters

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Dillon Marchello
Taking Control of Perception Filters Throughout life, people go through their day to day schedules seeing and perceiving just about every experience in a “certain light.” A light in which shade is brighter, darker or just “blah” depending on that person’s overall self-awareness, mood or attitude. An individual’s mood or “filter,” as I like to call it, acts as a pair of glasses that can literally transform all of your surroundings and how you experience them. Your mood and emotions (for the most part) determine the “type” of glasses you are perceiving your reality through. If an individual is angry, their “angry glasses” will be slipped on, seemingly subconsciously, and the “energy” around them
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Everyone has their own frequency, when frequencies match, energies match. So every time a person is in a bad mood because they allowed some external energy to cause them to “slip on that negative filter,” they are unknowingly emitting a negative frequency to the world around them. For example, if you’re in a bad mood and you walk into a room filled with people all quiet and irritable, you’ll notice that the people in that room will seem quieter and will almost completely match your frequency. Now think of a time when you were in a great mood because something really good just happened and you had your “happy filter” in. So you walk into that room with a big smile on your face, all loud and more willing to express yourself. Chances are the other people in that room will seem more full of positive and happy energy. Not because its magic, but because you changed your “filter”, which changed your frequency, which immediately evolved everything that is external to your subconscious. Now does it really physically “change” the environment around you? Absolutely not, like I said earlier. It is not a magic trick and your brain does not control your reality. Yet in a sense, it sort of does. The state of your mind is a major factor in how you will view and work through any scenario you experience through out your lifetime. The key is to gain the knowledge and awareness of these filters so that you can gain more control over your emotions, self
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