Perceptual Mapping Of A Product Or Brand

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Perceptual mapping is a graphical technique that helps marketers to get a visual display regarding perception of customers or potential customers. The position of a product or brand is displayed comparative to their competition. Perceptual maps are often used to help the organization to classify a positioning strategy. Perceptual mapping graph is useful to find out strength and weakness compare to other company product. Also, it helps to recognize the competitive advantage for the product. Moreover, it finds the market opportunity. It shows the empty space where brand or product has opportunities to improve their product quality and retain or gain competitive advantage. In perpetual mapping products are evaluate in terms of board…show more content…
Below I am going to do perceptual mapping for auto industry including rating one to five: In that mapping I shown that my four quadrant are populated with different brand like as Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Porches, BMW and Mazda. Also, there have four attributes in that mapping .Those are Expensive VS Cheap and Sporty VS Conservative. In vertical axis I have shown Sporty VS Conservative and horizontal axis I shown Expensive VS Cheap. Moreover I rate this in five point rating scale (1-5) and attach a excel file with that for a clear view of my mapping. In that mapping Jaguar is my selected brand and main competitors are Mercedes and Audi. So, after reviewing that map it can be say that for this three specific brand there has same target customer. However, among those three brands Jaguar holds a moderate position that means they have sporty cars but not like the competitor. So, to get a better position jaguar has to reposition this brand. For that Jaguar have to identify competitor advantages that it do not have right now. In that mapping the market leader is Audi .That means they have different variety of sports cars and those cars are more expensive. Mercedes holds second position in that market that means they have more sports cars rather than Jaguar but not as many as Audi. However, there cars are not much expensive. After analyzing this perceptual map I identify two things that
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