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Using a Perceptual Map for Thorr Motorcycle, Inc. MKT/421 March 25, 2013 Perceptual Map Company Bio Motorcycles have been marketed as the masculine, mobility and freedom machine since the early 1900s. Crusier Thorr is no different. It is a high-powered, efficient motorcycle modeled after the God of Thunder himself. Cruiser Thorr is prized for it strong, honest and dependable product design; however, with the changing demographics of its target market, the company has hired a new Marketing Manager to re-market the high-end bike to a younger market. This paper will describe the decisions made by the new marketing manager and the company’s attempt to re-invent their marketing strategies to push this bike into a demographically…show more content…
The promotional strategies that I chose included sponsoring events such as Daytona, offer free test rides, hire celebrity’s for endorsements, and publicize through Hollywood films. Sponsoring events would show a dedication by the company to support related sports that consumers can relate to. Celebrity endorsements offer the company a graphic image by having a relatable name fastened to the product. Offering free test rides provides a connection between the consumer and the product. It bonds the two together and allows the consumer to “feel the thunder”. The places that the business will market the Cruiser Thorr are on Manufacturer's Web Site via the Internet and various sellers. The World Wide Web will allow for a better chance for the product to be noticed on a broader level versus only having showroom viewings. Service promotions that will be added to the advertising chart are customization alternatives and financial services. Adhering to a financial plan with a limit of $13,000, the options that I chose kept the expenditures to $12,612. The final simulation included interpreting the market research findings. This would allow me to plot Cruiser Thorr's brand attributes on a perceptual map. I gave Lifestyle Image a rating of ten because it is what the customers appreciate most about the product. I gave Quality Engineering an eight because a large majority of the surveyed consumers indicated that Cruiser Thorr's engine build was stronger than the

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