Percy Jackson And The Olympians : The Lightning Thief

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Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book” (“Quotes”). Since the end of the third grade year, I have had a roaring passion for storytelling in all forms; radio, theater, and books. Journeying with the characters, I grew to thrive on their riveting adventures. I solved mysteries with Nancy Drew, attended Hogwarts with Harry Potter, and faced dragons with Bilbo Baggins. Of all of these adventures, I hold those of Percy Jackson the closest to my heart because of the deep rooted friendships I found through it. Published in 2005, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief was written by Rick Riordan and starts off the adventures of a twelve year old boy named, Percy Jackson. Percy is a troubled…show more content…
Despite our competition, we found that we both had a deep love for the Percy Jackson series. Just as Percy made friends at Camp Half-Blood, I made a friend. That winter, we attended Spanish classes together. We swapped theories and ideas over the books. As our love for the books grew, our friendship grew. Soon, Jacob and I were best friends. In the halls, I’d shout out his nickname, Sushie, based off of Percy’s nickname in the series, and in class he’d pass me spoilers. In a quick year, we went from bitter rivals to best friends. Conflict is the key to all narratives, and like how Percy faced monsters, our friendship faced its own conflict. In the middle of our seventh grade year, Jacob moved to New Zealand, where his mother is from. This forced a shift in the dynamic of our relationship. Suddenly, we didn’t see each other everyday in school. However, our love for Percy Jackson kept us together- with the help of social media. Our exchanging of ideas became daily Facebook messages that expanded from the books we were reading to science, art, and culture. As the stories thrived, so did our friendship. Then, in the late autumn of 2014, the last Percy Jackson book, Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus, came out. My heart clenched. Would reading the last book mean the end of our friendship? The question waged war on me, so I avoided reading it, until one day a package arrived. Wrapped in white cardboard, the Amazon package stared up at me with its
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