Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Book Vs Book Analysis

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There has never been a movie that had no differences from the book. In the book Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief there were a lot of differences and few similarities. They had left out some major details, and the producers did add some details also that weren’t needed. Any book that has been made into a movie will always have some differences. In the case of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, these are a few of the similarities and differences in the book and movie. The largest similarity of the book and movie is going to be the plot line. The main characters are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood. Percy and Grover have been friends for a long time and have gone to school together for a few years. They end up making their way to Camp Half Blood where they go and meet Annabeth. These three find out that someone has stolen Zeus’s master lightning bolt and they plan on going to find the bolt and bring it back to Zeus. This all is occurring in the United States and starts off in Manhattan, New York. Firstly, one of the larger differences that there is noticed from the book and the movie is their ages. In the book Percy Jackson is only twelve years old. In the movie he was sixteen years old. This does play a large role in the storyline because in the book The Great Prophecy states that the half-blood of the eldest gods would reach the age of sixteen and then he shall fall and Olympus would remain the same or be destroyed. This detail is a major part in the

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