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Peregrine Trucking Co. recommendations MGT 325 At Peregrine Trucking Company, we attempt to maintain a high level of efficiency and social consciousness while meeting or exceeding our profit margins. Taking a glance at our financial report, the two largest expense variables that we currently have are labor and fuel. Neither of these expenses is eliminable in our company; however, we can reduce these expenses slightly. I have preformed an evaluation of the company and have found that with the fuel prices increasing almost weekly, we need to reduce the amount consumed by our fleet operations. I have established that the current fleet operational standards, equipment, and the routing techniques are in need of renovation. With these…show more content…
(Motavalli, 2010). Selling the older vehicles to the dealer or to another company/person would allow us to offset some of the initial costs of the new vehicles. If some of the older vehicles are still in working order and there are no major repairs needed, retrofitting the engines to meet the new standards could also be an alternative. The cost of this is considerably lower than the purchase of a new vehicle and it is still as effective. In researching the data, I discovered that the use of biodiesel is an alternative fuel source as well. This fuel, a 20/80 mixture, does not require any type of retrofitting of the engine. This product has the added ability of cleaning out the particles that have built up by the use of using diesel fuel throughout the engine and fuel system. These particles are expelled via the exhaust or fuel filter. The only cost that will incur would be the cost to replace the fuel filter during the initial uses of the product until the entire system is clean. (Biodiesel facts, et. al, 2012) Another issue that I found in my evaluation was the routing of the trucks. There seems to be a miscommunication in the routing department with the inbound and outbound shipments. There is a system currently, however those that are operating it do not properly communicate “across the desk” so to speak. With this lack of communication between the inbound and outbound coordinators, the loads are not being recorded properly. This

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