Perfect Body Standards

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INTRODUCTION It is common to have some sort of social media this days, especially for teenagers. However, it occurred to me one day that many media platforms have set “perfect” body standards. This led me to wonder about the extent the internet affects the perception of body image in teenagers. DEFINITIONS The Merriam-Webster dictionary helped define the following terms : mental illness= a variety of disorders that affect personality, mind, or emotions which disturb daily behavior and functioning. Social media= platforms of “communication” where “information [and] ideas” are shared. body image= “a subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance” The World And Social Media The most popular social media platforms in the western world , Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are filled with influence. For example, the nineteen year old trendsetting celebrity, Kylie Jenner, currently has 75.9 million followers on Instagram. Her account is filled…show more content…
This shows that they are online, and therefore exposed to these body standards. FUTURE SCENARIOS What would happen if ads use average people to advertise their products? What will happen if companies stop advertising on social media? The more appealing the product appears, the better it sells. Also, the more people are aware of the product, the more opportunities there are. Putting the business out there on social media is an effective way to spread the word and boost sales. Causes Possible Effect Probability People will see the ad with average models -Everyone takes notice of this extraordinary situation -Controversy: Should ads be realistic or idealist? -Relatable, and encourage other ads -Sales increase Probable Same as above -It is ignored; average people may attract less attention -less appealing, undesirable -sales decrease Probable Companies stops media
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