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It’s saddening to see every year; the generations tend to seem more unintelligent. What could the factor be? Is it how the parents raised their children, a learning disability, or maybe even them not wanting to learn? However, came to a conclusion that each year our literacy becomes worse due to social media. The most used application used today is Twitter. It’s almost at a point where the future generation might be in danger. Now not all of the future generation is in danger. There will be people that teach how social media could be wrong, and give an idea on how to write in “Perfect English”. Twitter is affecting people with their spelling and language literacy for users in everyday life. In 2009, an application called Twitter was released. In this app you only have one hundred…show more content…
“They read the book dutifully, but Caraway wanted them to achieve a deeper level of engagement.” (Durlak, Mary) This stating that it Twitter might actually help writers get to the points and being more precise. It makes sense since the fact that Twitter only allows you to have one hundred forty characters. Most of the times in an English essay there will be someone trying to just fill in spaces so that they could reach the word count or to make their essay look longer than usual. They add unnecessary details that don’t need to be included. Some might say that Twitter will get rid of this habit, but how will student learn to get to the point when there are only one hundred forty characters. It’s easy to write a summary or small sentence on Twitter. However, when it comes to a thousand-word essay they’ll tend to get stuck. With the English teachers teach today, you need to learn how to write an essay in a specific format. If you fail to do this, you will fail in your everyday job. One hundred forty characters will not get you far in your everyday career. You will need to learn how to write like a
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