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The perfect forward for hockey is about 6 foot 2, and is about 220 pounds of muscle. They need a good aerobic and anaerobic system if they are to be at the peak of there performance. A normal forward uses 80% of the ATP-PC system and about 20% of their Lactic Acid system. For them to be at there best they need to train in three different programs: 1. They need an off-season program, which will get them into condition to be conditioned and also improve their strength. 2. They need preseason training with will mainly help them improve their ATP-PC system, and that’s where they’re going to get their explosiveness. 3. This is the in-season training, which is simply used to maintain your muscle endurance, muscle strength, your condition and …show more content…
A perfect example is John LeClair he he’s almost impossible for a defensemen to move from in front of the net and he will do it to you all game long. Thereby the Muscle Strength and Endurance program is based on a core list of exercise that will help you establish good bases for your upper body for shooting and lower body skills used for skating power and agility. Yet the most important part of a forward is their torso that will provide a stability required for most hockey skills.
Flexibility is what provides fluid motion and minimal risk of injury. Flexibility also provides range of motion and elasticity, which are crucial for the player to generate the power at high-levels. The power of Brett Hull’s slap shot does not come from brut strength but from range of motion as well. A forward cannot only have flexibility in certain spots, but they need it throughout the body because hockey uses practically every muscle in the body. For example, when you get hit and land in an unusual position you want your muscles to extend smoothly and then recoil back into there normal position without any tearing, also you want fluid motion in your forearm to snap that puck into the back of the net.
Therefore an off-season work out for a forward would look similar to this.
The Aerobic Training
In-Line Skating
Water Running     

Core Strength Training
Upper Body
Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Military Press
Biceps Curls

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