Perfect Meal For Thanksgiving

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In order to make this perfect meal for Thanksgiving I am going to need the following dishes. Obviously I am going to need a Ham or turkey because it isn't thanksgivng without the main meat dish. Then we are going to need some traditional stuffing along with some Potatoes. Usually we have Rolls and Little Sausages at our thanksgiving. Then we our own reciped Green Bean Casorole. You can;t have any potatoes if you don't have some gravy on them as well as some corn and beans! Of co Sense we are making this dish for 10 people Everything will need to be converted to fit a 10 people serving dish. For the pie we are going to a 1-1/4 Pie shell and a package of non-instant chocalte pudding. 2-1/2 cups of low fat milk and 1-1/4 whipping cream. For
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