Perfect Pizzeria

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Perfect Pizzeria Questions: 1. Critique Perfect Pizzeria in terms of its * Recruitment and Selection Process * Employee Training and Development * Performance Management * Compensation and Reward Strategy 2. In sequence, what are the top 3 interventions that you would suggest that the organization undertakes to improve its state of affairs at the present time? 1. On Recruitment and Selection Process Since the Perfect Pizzeria is located in an area with a few job opportunities, it is advantageous for the company to recruit employees if needed. With this reality at hand, I can conclude that the company has been lax about their recruitment and selection process. There are no systematic…show more content…
There is no incentive to increase motivation at work. Even the manager only receives a bonus based solely on low percentage of wasted or unsold food so when the percentage is high, he or she will just receive the normal salary. When the manager took a punitive action of restricting the employees on food allowance, the result was a higher damaged or unsold goods margin at the end of the month. It indicates that the less they are allowed to eat, the more they ate and gave away to their friends when the manager was not present so that the manager will also be penalized and not receive a bonus or any incentive as they are. 2. Organizational Change Considering the problems stated above, the company should revamp its current system in order to enhance the corporate culture. Training and Development The first step that organization should do is to summon all employees starting from the managers down to the part time employees for Training and Development. It is the most urgent way of addressing the problem. As what Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain said, “It’s all to do with the training; you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.” Training by using multiple methods that would befit the needs of the employees so that it would link to the strategic business goals and objectives of the organization—or the culture of the organization. It would require
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