Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

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When I first began reading this book, I assumed that it would be like the 2 previous books in the series: fast-paced with good action and good characters, but more a fun read than anything else. It was going to be enjoyable in an Ocean's Eleven or Casino Royale way like its predecessors. And so going into this, my initial reaction was surprise. In the first chapter I was already delving into the past of Kat and Hale's powerful bond and the history of their relationship, something I thought would never be explained. Already, the book was surprising me with its depth of character development and hidden deeper meanings. Throughout the book the theme of the characters taking on much bigger and influential roles continued. I learned to love the characters not just as characters but real people; I learned to look at Kat's world not just as all bright, cheerful hues, but this book revealed the shadowy, dark shades of Kat's world as well: corruption, hurt, and lots of angst. But, powering through it all and saving the day was the infinite loyalty and love of her family. While reading the book, I don't think my reactions and responses varied greatly. However, they differed greatly from my reactions and responses while reading the previous books, when I was caught up more in the adventure and plot of the book. While those aspects of this book were equally enthralling as the other books, I reacted and responded more to the characters in this book. My reactions and responses to the

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