Perfect Steak Dinner

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Cooking the Perfect Steak Dinner

Steak is one of the most popular foods to eat throughout the world. People will celebrate special gatherings by eating luxurious foods like steak. Nobody wants to eat a poorly cooked steak though. Learning to properly cook steak is a great way to get a good job in the future or make more friends because of your good cooking.

First thing you want to do when cooking a steak is to pick out what kind of steak you are going to cook. Personally, my favorite steak is filet mignon, but choose any steak of your choice. Once the steak of your choice is picked out, the steak needs to be taken out of the freezer and left out until the steak is room temperature. Then you can begin prepping the steak.

The next step, which is my favorite part of the process, is preparing the steak for cooking. First thing you will want to do with steak is make sure that it is room temperature like mentioned previously. The reasoning for this is because if you do not do this then the steak will not get properly cooked and it will taste atrocious. I like to take the steak and put cold butter on top of each part of the steak. This is so that when the butter melts it will make the steak juicier when you bite into it. This gives it more of
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When I usually have a steak dinner I will make a baked potato, which is very simple to make all you do is literally what it sounds like, bake the potato. For my other side dish, I will prepare steamed broccoli which is also very simple to cook again like it sounds you just steam the broccoli and add butter. Now you just won't have steak to eat. While making your meal you can choose different steak toppers, such as potatoes or fries. Then you can pick out your favorite sauce. I like A1 steak sauce, but another common sauce is Worchester sauce. Once you have your meal properly made you can start eating your
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