Perfect storm

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Book 'The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea' SUMMARY: Author Sebastian Junger Country United States Language English Subject Andrea Gail, 1991 Perfect Storm, shipwrecks Genre Creative nonfiction Publisher W. W. Norton & Company Publication date May 17, 1997 Media type dvd and cd Pages xii, 227 ISBN ISBN 0-393-04016-X OCLC Number 35397863 Dewey Decimal 974.4/5 LC Classification QC945 .J66 1997 The Perfect Storm is a creative nonfiction book written by Sebastian Junger and published by W. W. Norton & Company in 1997. The paperback edition (ISBN 0-06-097747-7) followed in 1999 from HarperCollins' Perennial imprint. The book is about the 1991 Perfect Storm that hit North America between October 28 and…show more content…
Reed gives commentary throughout the book on the boats' history. Book controversy[edit] While there have been disputes over the context and research of the book, there have been controversies that surround the movie The Perfect Storm. Families of two crew members sued the film makers for the fictionalization of events which happened prior to the loss of the Andrea Gail.[4] In 2005, the Florida Supreme Court ruled against the family of Captain Tyne by a 6-2 vote. REVIEW 1: It is a struggle as old as humanity itself and perhaps that is why the ongoing battle of human against nature resonates with such resilience in the hearts and minds of readers of the adventure tale. A solitary figure standing on a beach can rail against the elements of sand, sea, and rain and feel in control, but omnipotence rests on terra firma. Place that same person on a boat tossed about on a roiling sea, a sky reverberating with crescendos of thunder, water-bullets screaming from the heavens, and prayers for deliverance are the only words that pass humbled lips. In October 1991, on the Grand Banks off the coast of Nova Scotia, the 72-foot swordfish boat Andrea Gail turns west to begin its journey home to Gloucester, Massachusetts. It's been a successful run and the Gail's hold is full of fish, but disturbing news over the radio puts captain Billy Tyne on alert. Storms are approaching and with a full hold the Andrea Gail sits low in the water. What transpires
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