Perfectionism In The Birthmark

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The Perfectly Imperfect Scar Have you ever strived to be an embodiment of perfectionism? Although there are few simple symbols in the story the The Birthmark that have conveyed such a deep intensive,meaning to them. The symbols used in the story The Birthmark is the Georgiana´s physical birthmark,and the science lab where Aylmer Georgiana husband does all his experiments. ¨ "Perfect" is not the only work ¨ (Keetley). Through the use of the physical mark and the lab, Nathaniel Hawthorne warns readers about the dangers of playing God?

Some symbols in these plays or stories may seem just so simple. These simple symbols have such a deep intensive meaning to them. The first symbol that i'm going to talk about is Georgiana's physical
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The science lab symbolizes power, wonder and mystery. For an example, one critic suggested ," To make up for this abortive experiment, he proposed to take her portrait by a scientific process of his own invention. It was to be effected by rays of light striking upon a polished plate of metal. Georgiana assented; but, on looking at the result, was affrighted to find the features of the portrait blurred and indefinable; while the minute figure of a hand appeared where the cheek should have been. Aylmer snatched the metallic plate and threw it into a jar of corrosive acid.¨ (Hawthorne). This show how Aylmer didn't care about removing the birthmark he just wanted to get rid of what was covering up his his wife Georgiana beautiful face. The science lab was a great symbol because it plays with god in so many ways. For an example,this critic suggestion would go great with this stronger infusion would take the blood out of the cheek, and leave the rosiest beauty a pale ghost." "Is it with this lotion that you intend to bathe my cheek?" asked Georgiana, anxiously. "Oh, no," hastily replied her husband; "this is merely superficial. Your case demands a remedy that shall go deeper." (Hawthorne). The quote that Nathaniel Hawthorne stated explains how Aylmer created some type of potion to use while he was removing the physical birthmark from his wife Georgiana face. ¨Aylmer is never covetous of evil…show more content…
The physical birthmark symbolizes human mortality and imperfection human mortality. The science laboratory symbolizes power,wonder,and mystery. One critic suggested that, ¨ , Georgiana cannot compete with Helen of Troy, the supernatural succubus provided by Mephistopheles for Faustus. On the other hand, she can appeal to Aylmer’s attraction to spiritual beauty and thus perhaps save his soul, like Gertrude, instead of assuring his damnation as the spurious Helen did for Faustus in Marlowe’s version. Aylmer’s ultimate fate is not resolved in the story. Presumably, he, like Ethan Brand, another of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s protagonists, has found the one unforgivable sin in himself: intellectual pride. ¨ (Snipes). This quote explains that if Aylmer didn't try to change Georgiana,she would never ended up dying in the end of the story. ¨ " as I plunges a potato peeler or something else suitably sharp into the offending= mound and tear it from her body ¨ (Keetley). The story ends with the protagonist confessing his fantasy of pinning his wife on the
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