Performace Appraisal Methods in Relience, Maruti, Infosis, Wipro

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PROJECT REPORT on “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICES IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY” [pic] A dissertation submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree in MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Amity global business school, Chandigarh Submitted to:- Submitted By:- Pro. Neha Walia Gurpreet kaur Gill MBA- 4thSem 345 STUDENT’S DECLARATION I Gurpreet kaur gill here by declare that I have prepared this project report in “Comparative Study of Human Resource practices in Information Technology Industry” in…show more content…
The methodology adopted for the study was through a structured questionnaire, which targeted the privileged employees of the organization and the sample size was 10. The data collected from the respondents were analyzed thoroughly and presented in the form of charts and tables. In addition this report summarizes the proceedings of the HR department and other areas of concern about the company. It familiarizes with the organization culture and how communication flows from the top level to the low-level management or vice versa in an orderly manner. It also gives a brief explanation about the HR policies and procedures used for creating the project report of the company. A comparative analysis has been made on the HR practices of IBM Introduction THEORITICAL BACK GROUND Information Technology (IT) is the technology required for information processing. In particular the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information from anywhere, anytime. There is a shortage of talent at the upper end of the employment scale, particularly in IT. There simply aren’t enough candidates with the necessary experience to fill top roles. Seasoned professionals are often in short supply. Turnover levels have gone up in IT and IT enabled sectors. Though still below the rate of comparable industry segments in the West, turnover can be
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