Performance Analysis : Performance Assessment

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One the keys to maintaining ready teams are through gratitude. We ask you Servicemembers and by default, their families to sacrifice their time often. Despite however frequent we ask and they respond we must never take their sacrifice for granted. With in this in mind, I would like to share a couple of strategies we a leaders can apply toward our performers to ensure their selfless service is valued. Performance feedback remains one of the most important dialogues a leader can have with their team member. In addition to reaffirming performance expectations, a thoughtful supervisor will dig past the surface of their performance assessment to see if any underlying personal issues could be addressed. Having a copy of your Soldier or Airman’s ribbon rack might be a good start, but only a start. When were your Soldier or Airman’s last decorations received and what was the accomplishment? Did their past performance include one, two, or three consecutive good years of participation? If so, are service and longevity awards correlating with their dependability? Do you consider the impact of what your Citizen Soldier or Airmen accomplish in their communities? Have you ever had a discussion about how much time and energy they spending coaching youth sports, teaching bible school or youth group, or how they donate their time to a non-profit organization? While these questions may have no direct influence on how a member achieves their duty responsibilities it help define
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