Performance Analysis : Performance Management

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Performance ratings are a significant part of Performance Management in companies that utilize rating scales. Ratings often translate to merit increases, qualify employees for additional training and development, serve as a launch pad for promotion, identify high performers and other rewards or punishment a company wants to tie to performance ratings. Some performance reviews and ratings are skewed by the rater or supervisor. This paper intends to review types of bias and propose a method to eliminate bias in performance reviews. Ratings from supervisors have the capability to motivate and propel employees forward, but they can also tear the employees down and discourage them. Therefore it is important for reviews and ratings to be as accurate as possible. Trained raters are often more accurate raters. This research proposes to support previous findings and narrow data collection to the sales environment. Sales people are the forgotten employees in some companies, as they often use their house for an office. Their faces and work are not visually seen on an everyday basis. It becomes difficult to track the quality and quantity of their work as well as behaviors towards customers and other employees. This poses an increased challenge for properly rating sales people. Performance Management Systems differ from company to company; they are not standardized. When new supervisors are hired or current employees are promoted to supervisory roles it is imperative that…
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