Performance Analysis : Performance Management

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1. Performance management is the process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities in order to meet a company’s goals. It is linked to employee selection, training, and development, through performance appraisals and employee feedback. The first step in performance management is to set goals and have them align with higher level goals. Next, behavioral expectations and standards are set and aligned with the company’s organizational goals, employees that meet these established goals are hired to help advance the company. The company then uses performance analysis to provide management and employees ongoing performance feedback, which management then appraises and formally reviews to make decisions, such as raises or promotions. Performance analysis allows companies to determine factors such as which employees are performing most effectively, and what positions need to be filled or reduced. By using appraisals and feedback high performing employees can be located and offered training and development to further their position within the company. Appraisals can also identify which employees may be struggling in their position so that training may be offered to them so they may improve.
2. The guidelines performance appraisals should be able to meet in order to be legally defensible are as follows: appraisals should not be vague in descriptions of traits that are to be evaluated, performance ratings must only be job related with…
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