Performance Analysis : Tamarack Performance Management And Appraisal System

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Tamarack Performance Management & Appraisal System
An effective performance appraisal system supports our desire to create a productive, motivated, accountable, reliable, creative, dedicated, and happy workforce.
In order to create a high performance organization, we need to develop the capacity of Tamarack staff to perform and contribute to a workplace in which employees can develop their full potential. An effective performance management/appraisal system, which managers lead and own, helps us to achieve our goals by connecting employee contributions to the overall organizational goals and providing a system of appraisal that is forward thinking and supports development.

An effective system provides enough guidance along the path so staff understand what is expected of them; enough flexibility so that individual creativity and strengths are nurtured, and; sufficient controls so that staff understand what the organization is trying to accomplish.

We have implemented a 3-tiered Performance Management & Appraisal System which begins with an informal review for new hires or new positions/promotions at the 3-month mark, a 6-month probationary period review, culminating in the annual review.

Operations will provide:
• Offer/Hire/Promotion letter templates
• Orientation schedule to be customized to each new hire by the Director
• Develop 3 tiered performance appraisal system and templates for Directors to review and appraise staff. Operations/Finance will time activate the

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