Performance Analysis and Training for Business Enhancement

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Training For sustainability of their business ventures, most companies have taken to use of training (Rothwell & Kazanas, 2004). This has been especially so because of increased emphasis on performance analysis and learning for business enhancement (Torrington, Hall, &Taylor, 2004). Technological advancements have enhanced training delivery. The emergence of new technologies has made it possible for many to use online and mobile learning platforms. It is projected that as these technologies increase in future the costs of these technologies are also likely to decrease. These new technologies reduce training costs that are incurred by bringing employees from different geographical locations to a more central place where training is facilitated (Noe, 2010). The costs arise from the travel, food, and accommodation expenses. Technological advancements allow trainers to integrate desirable features in the learning environment like practice, instantaneous feedback, and reinforcement. Under circumstances when a company has to engage the services of contingent employees and offer flexible work schedules, technology allows such businesses to delivery training to any place at any time. Finally, new technology allows for creation of smart products. New technologies that integrate features like instructional design, computer science, and graphic interfaces will possibly increase our ability to learn. Some of the future trends that will considerably affect training include increased
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