Performance Analysis of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited

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1.1 Origin of the Report:
As a mandatory part of the BBA Program, all the students of the faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka have to undergo three months long internship program with an objective of gaining practical knowledge about current business world. After this internship program each and every students have to submit an internship report mentioning their activities during the internship program. I’ve started my internship at the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited, Head Office, Dhaka, on 10th July 2011 and at the end of the program I am submitting my internship report focusing on the performance of Biman’s services.

1.2 Objective: Broad Objective
The main objective of this
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The airline has suffered heavy financial losses, and has a reputation for poor service because of regular flight cancellations and delays caused by its ageing fleet. Annual Hajj flights, transporting non-resident Bangladeshi workers and migrants, and the activities of its subsidiaries, form an important part of the carrier's business. Under Skytrax's five-star rating systems, Biman merits two stars. The carrier is currently facing competition from local private airlines & some international carriers, which offer greater reliability and service standards, which is experiencing an 8% annual growth rate, owing to a large number of non-resident Bangladeshis.

Since becoming a public limited company, the airline has reduced staff and begun to modernize its fleet. Biman has made a deal with Boeing for 10 new aircraft, along with options for 10 more. The airline’s Reservation and Departure Control System and other communication systems are fully computerized. Biman is now striving to make the airline more attractive to its valued passengers by fixing priority on providing more comfort and maintaining schedule regularity. Biman does entire maintenance work on its F-28 aircraft. Biman is also doing C-check, Dcheck on DC10-30 and A310-300 in its hangar complex at Dhaka. Checks, repair and maintenance of one DC10-30, one wide bodied Boeing and two F-28 aircraft can be done simultaneously there. In addition to its own aircraft, Biman’s ground-handling unit

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