Performance Appraisal At Improving Employee Development Essay

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Performance appraisal aims at improving employee development, the employees work expectation, assessing workforce development and linking pay with performance (Peter, Matt and Colin, 2011). It prepares employees to be aware of the management expectations after the performance evaluation that helps them to boost their performance (de Waal, 2004). Performance appraisal looks smooth but researches explains that it is generally used in identify individual weaknesses, performance feedback and employee’s strengths (Ruddin, 2010). The practice of performance appraisal system by industry and business has been estimated between 74% to 89% (Idrisb). Performance appraisal systems are used for various purposes, that include feedback, human resource decisions and evaluation (Kline, & Sulsky, 2009).
For attaining high performance goal for organization, performance appraisal is an important tool of human resource management (MGS experts,2014). Performance appraisal provide support for selection and recruitment, development and training of current staff, and maintaining and motivating a quality human resource through proper and correct rewarding of their performance (Kumar, & Sumangali,2011). Generally, Performance appraisal includes performance management system that align and manage all the resources, systems in order to obtain the highest possible performance (Harris, 1998). (Kuvaas, 1994; Bård, 2002) argued that performance management engage in determining the plan of performance
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