Performance Appraisal : Employee Evaluation Essay

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Performance Appraisal Employee appraisal is a method of measuring and evaluating employee job performance. The employee evaluation consists of regular reviews at different intervals every six months or yearly reviews. The performance appraisal includes performance training, determining who will evaluate employee performance, evaluating job performance, and communicating results to employees. By conducting a performance evaluation, it can increase understanding of improving the problems that occur within the performance evaluations. In this research paper, it summarizes the findings for the specific areas of the performance appraisal process. Also, an integration of contextual applications is analyzed. Additionally, in the hopes of future research investigation and considerations, critical observations on this concept will also be present. Conceptual Summary According to Mark Bishop (2011), to increase employees and organizational performance, leaders, need to have dedicated resources, enhance training delivery methods, and provide relevant feedback. Researchers Diamantidis and Chatzoglou proposed the following hypotheses, "... if training programs introduce appropriate new job-related behavioral norms such as knowledge, skills, and behavior, it will result in achieving positive results. The training content should be inspired by employee 's actual job duties to have a positive effect on the training transfer. The trainees’ ability to succeed in specific daily job
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