Essay on Performance Appraisal

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‘The problems associated with performance appraisal systems can be overcome by improvements to their design and implementation’. Discuss with reference to the orthodox and radical critiques of performance appraisal.

Introduction Performance appraisal is an opportunity for an employee or those employees who are concerned with their performance, to get engaged in a dialogue with their reporting supervisors about their performance and development and the support required from their reporting supervisors to improve their performance. Performance appraisal is an important part of the performance management strategy. Performance appraisal is only one of the aspects of the performance management process. Since, performance appraisal is
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It follows the model of prison where prisoners can always be observed by prisoner guards but they cannot be seen by the prisoners. As managerial intentions are translated into managerial actions and it ignores the issue of human agency. (Human Resource management journal: volume 6 no 3).and can be used to strengthen authority relationship.
The employment studies institute (IRS: 2001) suggests that appraisal is a victim of its own expectations; it expects an employee to deliver in too many areas. Organisations may focus on development, identifying future potential, reward, identifying poor performers, or motivation. In the IRS survey (IRS 2005b) 92 percent of companies used appraisal to determine training and development needs of their employees while 65 percent of them used it to determine pay with 43 percent of them using the system formally or informally to determine bonuses within their organisation. However, as these approaches clash the results are typically unsatisfactory and such kind of surveys cannot be relied upon to determine employee needs as per the performance appraisal. Egan (1995) argues that the problem with appraisal not only relates to poor design or implementation, but it is deep rooted in the basic reaction of organisational members to such a concept. (Human resource Management: Torrington,Hall & Taylor)In organisations where there are too many expectations or too much to deliver the
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