Performance Appraisal Essay

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Brief Overview of Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal can be referred to as a method of evaluating your employees. Using this method, the performance of an employee is evaluated in terms of the quality, quantity, cost and time. Performance appraisal can be regarded as a part of career development.

According to the modern approach of performance appraisal, it can be regarded as a formal interaction between a superior and a subordinate, usually taking place periodically, during which the performance of the subordinate is discussed with the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the subordinate. This takes place mainly to help the subordinate enhance his skills and also to analyze the opportunities that are available
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Need for an Appraisal

The basic intention of performance appraisal is to make the employee realize how their performance has been. One of the effective ways to realize the aims of the performance appraisal is to look at it from different viewpoints '' that of the employee and that of the organization.

Employees’ perspective

From the employee’s perspective the purpose of performance appraisal is important in four ways. Firstly, to inform the employee as to what are his duties in the organization. Secondly, to measure his performance and let him know how far is he on the expectation scale. Thirdly, it is useful in order to assist the employee in improving his performance. Lastly, if the employee has worked efficiently, due to the existence of performance appraisal, the employee will be effectively rewarded.

Organizational Perspective

From the perspective of the organization, one of the main reasons for carrying out performance appraisal is to establish and maintain the principle of accountability. According to the researchers, the main cause of organizational failure is non-alignment of responsibility and accountability. This mainly occurs when the employees are burdened with responsibilities but are not accountable for the way in which the work is being carried out. What mainly happens here is that since the employees are not accountable, the organization
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