Performance Appraisal: Human Resource Department

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Performance Appraisal is the part of basic activities of Human Resource Department. It helps in motivating and utilizing the human resource efforts in the right direction. The proper performance appraisal system is correlated with the goals of an organization and also defines the individual goals so that an employee may know what he/she is expected to perform. Moreover, rewards are standardized on achieving the set goals. This generates a sense of motivation in an employee and thus takes an organization towards the higher levels of success. A huge difference can be noticed in the performance of organizations that have proper performance management systems and those without it. This system has variety of benefits that sums up in improving the performance of overall organization. Though, there are some drawbacks too but HR department makes choice of the system that best set in organizational environment. Therefore, each organization has its own standard of performance appraisal. However, some of the common elements are in all types of systems. An effective performance appraisal system especially focuses on: Aligning organization mission, goals and objectives with the performance appraisal system Considers organizational as well as individual requirements Link rewards with achievements Keep an employee informed about the growth chances on achieving specified goals Providing constructive feedback so that to motivate employees Ensuring the clean and equal system of
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