Performance Appraisal Interview

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Conducting the Performance Appraisal Interview The performance Appraisal interview offers an opportunity to discuss and compare perceptions of an employee’s job performance. Through open communication a supervisory and employee can assess job performance, measure actual result against expected results and plan for the future. The interview should not be used as a vehicle to bombard the employee or the supervisor with criticism, failures, faults, and / or errors. a) Opening the interview: The climate of the interview is essential to its outcome. The supervisor should set a tone for the interview that exhibits openness and support. Once this tone has been set, an employee will be more likely to share assessments of his or her…show more content…
• Make arrangements to follow upon specific points if needed • Set a date for the next performance review session. ( -Semi annual or quarterly ) • Thank Each other for the time and energy that went into the review and end the interview on a positive or encouraging note. • Complete disseminate the Appraisal Form as earlier. Avoid these Mistakes when Completing a Performance Appraisal 1. Recency Too much focus on the most recent examples of behavior rather than considering overall performance. This can occur because of inadequate record keeping. 2. Central Tendency Managers tend to rate every one about the same, or ate last, they avoid extreme ratings. The reviewer should use the ends of the scale as well as the middle. 3. Leniency Managers shun low rating to avoid conflict or because they believe that low ratings reflect badly on the reviewer. This can happen when the reviewer is rushed or under pressure to complete the Appraisal 4. Horns / Hallow Effect A tendency to rate the same individual “Excellent” on every trait or “Unsatisfactory” on every trait. This may happen when the supervisor feels that the employee has some shortcomings and then rates them poorly on everything as a result (or conversely rates too high on everything based upon a few high ratings). 5. Constancy Some Managers rate their employees in

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