Performance Appraisal Is A Process Of Appraising The Employee Job Performance

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Performance appraisal is a process of appraising the employee job performance. It also allows a continuing process of learning, studying, analyzing, and recording data about the value of the employee. Performance appraisals are a very useful tool for management and associates alike. Companies use performance appraisals for the purpose of evaluating and developing associates. An appraisal that has been properly executed acts as the basis for hiring new employees, training and developing current employees, restructuring of workflow, and aids in motivating employees as well.
Performance appraisals act as proof for pay increases or aids in making decisions for terminations. Well-designed performance appraisals can start dialogue between supervisors, direct reports, and coworkers that may result in positive outcomes for the individuals and the business. Businesses can choose from several types of performance appraisals. Most companies use the traditional methods of evaluating employees which takes place one-on-one between supervisors and subordinates. Another commonly used type of appraisal involves management by objectives (MBO), where employees and managers set objectives at the beginning of the evaluation period and assess how well the employees meet those objectives at the end of the period. Others include 360 degree feedback appraisals, performance ranking, behavioral observation scales, graphic rating scales and several other ranking methods that can be used.
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