Performance Appraisal Issues and Challenges

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I. Introduction:
The theory, research, and practice of Human Resource Management (HRM) has evolved considerably over the past century, and experienced a major transformation in form and function primarily within the past two decades (Ferris et al, 1999). This tremendous transformation is driven by the outcome of globalization, growth and rapid technology changes, and changes in employee’s expectation, among many. Hence, the right skill in managing HRM is fast becoming one of the emerging company’s current issues. Professionals in this department of a successful business must be talented and capable in dealing with employee’s issues to be able to focus in performance management, which is a deep concern for HRM. This paper aims to cover the
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* “Leniency and strictness”: Two error factors while evaluating an employee are leniency and strictness; some managers evaluate all employees very low or very high. This system is not an accurate procedure and the supervisor should evaluate employees based on their actual performance. * “Stereotyping”: A mental imagination about employees because of age, race, sex and religion.’ (Harris, R, 2012)
A case in Medcare Hospital: There are lots of issues regarding errors of evaluation which management are not taking into account. In the appraisal procedure managers grade employees based on their behaviour and religion rather than their performance. Discrimination in evaluating performance is clearly an issue and most of employee had complained about that. Customer service is viewed a sensitive and stressful position. On 10th July 2012, an interview was conducted at 10am at Medcare Hospital with Mr. Youssef, a customer service representative of Medcare Hospital. During the interview, Mr. Youssef said, “I am unhappy about my performance appraisal. I had only one complaint from a patient during one year and the manager had scored me low in attitude and behavioural part of the performance evaluation, which is unfair”.(Youssef, 2012). Another issue at Medcare Hospital that had

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