Performance Appraisal Of A Worker

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In this research article review, as the title mentions, Barnes, Reb and Ang researched the effects of dynamic performance components to the compensation paid to employees. There are many considerations for the performance appraisal of a worker. In this research he analyzes the pay for performance approach, which has both improving and worsening effects on employees. As our authors stated, “There are negative consequences for both under compensation and overcompensation: Paying too little can result, for example, in increased turnover and reduced motivation, whereas paying too much can result, among others, in higher cost and poorer financial performance” (Barnes, Reb & Ang, 2012). Performance can have diverse meanings according to employers and performance appraisers. As our researchers quoted, “Typically, true performance has been defined as the average performance over a certain time horizon or number of performance episodes, generally treating anything other than the average of performance as noise” (Lecerf, Ghisletta, & Jouffray, 2004). According to this notion, performance mean is a stable component for compensation as contrast to the research on dynamic criteria. Performance and compensation are both dynamic and since workers are in it, it depends and changes on various states and aspects over time according to research on dynamic criteria. In this research, authors focused mainly on the performance dynamics in compensation decisions to cover a significant gap
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