Performance Appraisal Of Public Organizations

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According to Nigro, Nigro and Kellough, (2014), performance appraisal refers to the systematic performance appraisal of employees in order to measure their skills and talent for the purpose of further personnel growth and development. Performance appraisal is mostly carried out in the private sector where the performance of employees is crucial as the organizations are focused on profits. However, the difference between the aims of private organizations and the public organizations introduces a problem when it comes to measuring the performance of civil servants. Thus most civil servants may not be overly enthusiastic about implementation of performance appraisal in their organization because of some inherent flaws of most of the techniques used, for example, ranking is prone to biasness of the appraiser which may in turn affect the morale or even employment status of a civil servant. This paper will thus seek to address the issues that affect implementation of performance appraisal systems in public organizations as well as providing possible solutions that can be implemented in the public organizations.
The importance of performance appraisal in public organizations and the government
Document employees’ activities and performance Performance appraisals facilitate the maintaining of employee records regarding their past and present performance. This information is important when determining the effectiveness of individual employees in their job positions. The…
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