Performance Appraisal Of The Employees Essay

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Introduction Introductory paragraph In the organizational structure the performance appraisal of the employees is an important and key factor for the success of the organization. It is a practice which is established for the assessment of the employees performance and findings ways to improve the performance. The mehtod of performance appraisal has am impact on the pay of individuals, and other organizational success. This process is also designed to deal with problem behavior. The process of performance appraisal is the best way to improve the performance of organization because with the help of this process the employees know their weak points and try to overcome those to improve the organizational efficiency (Rasch, 2010) Performance appraisal is defined as “a structural formal interview between subordinate and supervisor, that usually takes the form of periodic interview (annually or semi-annually), in which the work performance of the subordinate is examined and discussed, with the view of identifying the weaknesses as strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and development” (DEcENZO and Robbins, 1995). Appraisal performance of individual, groups and organizations is something important for all organizations to succeed and achieve its objectives. Also it is used to evaluate the performance of the employees and monitor them to achieve the desired goal. Organizations usually apply performance appraisal to achieve certain objectives, and these objectives may

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