Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal>BBNP4103 INTRODUCTION TO PEMBINAAN ABDULLAH SDN BHD Established since 1986, Pembinaan Abdullah Sdn. Bhd. has commenced business in activities involving infrastructure and production works. Along the years, the company has ventured into housing development and building construction. In 2005, the company expanded into agricultural palm oil and hotel industries. PA has also invested in resources that have been allocated in research and development into biochemical fields, tourism development and other fields both in house as well as external consultant. Mission Statement Pembinaan Abdullah Sdn Bhd is dedicated to provide the best quality service that meets every customer's need. We shall build long term partnerships…show more content…
Craig et al (1986) have identified an eight-stage performance appraisal process. These are the following process:- 1. Standard and Measures The first step in this process is to identify and establish measures whereby it would be able to recognize the successful and unsuccessful performances. Bear in mind that this measure should be fully under control of the employees whom is being appraised. In this step, the management should be deciding the method of assessing performance by identify the behaviour and the personal characteristics and assess their performance and achievement. 2. Communicate Expectations For the second step will be the communication with the employees regards to the measure and standards which will be used during the appraisal process as it will help to improve the understanding and the involvement of both parties. A better understanding of the appraisal system would be able to reach out a solid output. 3. Planning In the planning stage, whereby the manager would be executing the realization of performance expectations, it would be the process of arranging for the resources which are required to attaining the goals set and it also has been recognize as an enabling role. 3 Performance Appraisal>BBNP4103 4. Monitoring performance: Performance appraisal has been known as a continuous process which involving the on-going feedback. Although in actual
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