Performance Appraisal

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11 January 2010


This essay is to answer the question two: “Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of individual performance appraisals/reviews. Assess to what extent such appraisals can contribute to achieving high performance workplace.”
Firstly, the essay will present an overview of performance appraisals.
Secondly, it will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of individual performance appraisal in comparing with team based performance appraisals.
Finally is the contribution of performance appraisal to the organization performance.


Performance management is widespread among UK companies. CIDP survey (2005) has
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Ratings and reward will be equal for all team members regardless of individual performance. According to IAG report (1993), this can dissatisfy those who normally have outstanding ratings based on their personal performance. Some members may also resent that their pay is dependent upon other performance. Thus, that can decrease employees’ motivation and cause dissatisfaction. Performance problems may not also be addressed adequately. It will cause many difficulties for individual management such as disciplinary and promotions decision.

Because of above reasons, many managers like to use individual PA. Additionally, even though teams are widespread in many organizations, most work is still independent. Teams may only be used occasionally or may often change to work task. Another advantage of individual PA is that employees prefer individual PA. The survey of Federal Employees (1992) showed that 69 percentages of employees prefer that their performance rating be based on individual performance, not team performance. The survey also indicated that the employees prefer being assessed by the first-lever supervisor than by coworker. Team based PA may be against UK culture of individualism. Therefore, if the managers want to focus on team based PA, they need provide further training for the employees.


Despite of the popular of individual PA, many people argue that individual PA doesn’t fit
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