Performance Appraisal Performance Of Individual, Groups And Organizations

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Appraisal performance of individual, groups and organizations is something important for all organizations to succeed and achieve its objectives. Also it is used to evaluate the performance of the employees and monitor them to achieve the desired goal.
Organizations usually apply performance appraisal to achieve certain objectives, and these objectives may be different from one organization to another also within the same organization from time to time. Performance appraisal being measured against such factors as job knowledge, ability of supervisor, quality and quantity.
According to Ruth Mayhew (2010), Organizations must continually assess their employees ' strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, employers are better able to match employee qualification to job assignments. Employee evaluations provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses for employees as well as the collective talents of employees by department or team. For example, an employee evaluation can reveal whether your employees have strong proficiency in computer software applications for finance use, yet weaknesses in applications used for presenting finance-related information in multimedia format. The importance of employee valuations to assess workers ' skills is particularly significant in work force planning processes.
There are two types of appraisal process, formal and informal, both are important but there is some certain difference between them. Formal appraisal usually occur at…
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