Performance Appraisal Should Be Treated As A Manager 's Tool

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Outline The main aim of this essay is to deliberate if the performance appraisal should be treated as a manager 's tool which can be used to assess and control employees or as a method which allows workers to examine their achievement and help them to develop. Both views of the performance appraisal (PA) will be extensively discussed with concrete examples.

Introduction According to the Oxford Dictionary the word 'appraisal ' can be defined as 'a formal assessment, typically in an interview, of the performance of an employee over a particular period ' (, 2015). The frequency of the appraisals differs among the companies due to a fact that every organization has its own management style. The official interviews can be carried out for instance monthly or yearly. Appraisals also may differ due to a structure of the meeting. During the interview a manager usually follows a special form which allows to assess an employee’s performance. An example of the appraisal form is presented below (Singh, 2013)

It is not possible to indicate the exact point in the history in which performance appraisals have begun to be used by the employers. Depending on how broad definition of this notion will be adopted, the examples of using this method, in order to evaluate employees‘ attainment, can be given even for the antiquity. Something along the lines of the performance appraisals was used, inter alia, among workers in ancient Egypt or among family members of the

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