Performance Appraisal Standards For Employees

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Performance appraisal standards with every company must be objective, realistic, measurable and clearly stated. In some cases an employee’s success can be affected because of poor management skills, communication skills and poor work environment. These represent barriers to an employee’ success. Performance appraisal is a process where employee’s performances can be assessed. This is where the employee will be under review so that they make better judgments with the evaluation of the employee. “The performance appraisal system has to be based on clearly specified and measurable standards and indicators.” ( If the management is not up to par then the employees are just going to follow suite. Employees follow in the steps…show more content…
This hospital also wanted patients to receive 24 hour care. During 24 hour care patients would receive the treatment that they needed to get them well and comfortable. Performance appraisal standards are the performance requirements and expectations that have been approved by the management team that will be used to appraise the level of performance of the employees. Each level of performance must be established by the department and must also be included in the performance expectation plan for the employee. A detailed guide showing the projected appraisal grade the employee will receive based on their level of performance, from the lowest appraisal grade, all the way to the top grade of performing beyond the expected performance level. For the performance standards to be both impartial and beneficial, the performance standards must be objective, realistic, measurable, and clearly stated on the performance expectations. The performance standards must also be discussed with the employee before the appraisal time period and also during the final appraisal at the end of the performance evaluation period. For the performance standards to be useful, the general measures must be determined to evaluate the employee’s performance. The general measures to be used are: quality, quantity, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. The quality of the work is based on how accurate and effective the desired work was performed. The quantity of the work
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