Performance Appraisal Systems

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There are a number of ways that performance appraisal systems can improve value to the organization. The appraisal system's role within the organization is to help orient workers towards specific performance objectives and then reward them when they meet those objectives. An effective performance appraisal system will therefore improve the performance of the organization, generate higher profits and increase the overall value of the organization. The HR generalist needs to take steps to ensure that the performance appraisal system has clear performance guidelines. These are derived from the job description. Thus, in order for the performance appraisal system to work, the employees must have specific job descriptions to which the appraisal system can be aligned. Another thing that the generalist can do is set up effective means of delivering quantitative measures. Appraisal systems work best when they have numeric measures, and these measures need to be aligned with both the job description and the corporation's strategic objectives. The HR generalist can also set up the monitoring processes that ensure that the appraisal system has improved the degree to which the company's objectives are being met. It is also important that the generalist audits the appraisal system to ensure that it is being used correctly, as designed, because any system not being used as intended is likely to be ineffective. There are a number of different types of pay plans available to the HR
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